Active RFID for Miners Management

In the past few years, several mining accidents have hit the mining environment all over the world, and people begin to attach great importance to mine safety. The miners management system involves computer software, databason, wireless radio frequency identification technology etc. Therefore, when choosing e, electronic connectia solution, we should consider its stability, reliability and anti-interference ability in addition to its function.

System Function

  • Implement long range RFID automatic identification statistics for tunnel construction staff,And according to the recorded data, the information of staff entering and leaving the tunnel, and people detained in the tunnel can be queried by time, name, shift and other conditions.
  • Monitor the status of construction personnel in the tunnel online by software.
  • Data can be stored permanently by computer software and statistical reports can be produced.
  • An external LED screen can be connected to display information such as the name, work number, and entry time of the construction personnel in the tunnel.

System Composition

The miners management system mainly consists of power supply, RFID readers, RFID card, software etc. RFID Readers are installed according to the distribution of tunnels, one RFID card per person. The monitoring room, sever computer, outdoor LED display, and cables will be required outside of the tunnel.

  • 2.4G active RFID card: Construction personnel carry the card, usually in their pocket or on the helmet.
  • 2.4G active RFID reader: RFID readers should be installed inside and outside the tunnel at each60-80meters depending on system requirement.
  • LED display: Installed near the portal of tunnel, to display the information of construction personnel, so that the management advanced and transparent. The display includes: tag number, name, time, total number of workers.

Our Advantages

  • Long range reading: the 2.4GHz active RFID can reach more than 100m in the tunnel.
  • Stable performance: 2.4Ghz readers with build-in OS, reliable performance suits for any tough environment, 2.4GHz active card low power consumption with long battery life.
  • Super anti-collision: 2.4Ghz active is metal-friendly and adapts hide reading, can read more than 300tags at the same time with 100% reading rate.
  • Integrated structure design, easy and quick installation.

Ci-RF231 2.4Ghz Omni-directional Active Reader

Ci-RF232 Rugged 2.4Ghz Omni-directional Active Reader

Ci- RI265 2.4Ghz Long Range Integrated Active RFID Reader

Ci-RF201 Active RFID Tag

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