Warehouse RFID Forklift System

RFID as a automatic identification technology that reforms logistics distribution and product tracking management mode after barcode technology. Compared with traditional automatic identification technology, RFID technology has good penetrability, multi-tags long-distance identification ability, large capacity of identifiable item information, repeated reading and writing, and unique identification information, which is very suitable for application in forklift systems. Cirfid continues to introduce a variety of UHF RFID reading and writing devices, UHF RFID antennas and other high-quality and rich RFID products based on market requirements and customer feedback.

System Composition

The carrier of forklift transportation of goods is mainly based on pallets. The forklift management system using RFID technology consists of an RFID reading system by installing UHF RFID readers, UHF RFID antennas and industrial control computers on the forklift. By using RFID tags on finished pallets, when forklifts equipped with RFID reading systems pick up pallets, they can obtain RFID tag data to confirm cargo information and complete the uninterrupted tracking of finished product information. The precise management of goods in and out of warehouses, goods transfers, and cargo locations provides basic information protection.

1.RFID Reader System

The RFID forklift system composed of an industrial computer, a RFID reader and RFID antennas, the schematic diagram is as follows:

2.RFID Pallets

RFID pallet is to install the RFID tag in the pallet to complete the binding of the label and the pallet.

3.RFID Shelf

RFID shelf is to install the RFID tag on the warehouse shelf to complete the binding of the tag and the shelf.

System Workflow

After the enterprise warehouse management system (WMS) generates a new inventory or transfer task, it will automatically send the task to the forklift industrial PC that has not performed the task according to the operation of the forklift system. After the forklift worker starts the task, it will follow The forklift PC guides to the designated shelf or warehouse gate to perform the task. In the process of executing the task, the forklift RFID reading system will complete the confirmation of the in and out of the warehouse or the transfer of goods according to the current task status, and the forklift driver does not need to intervene.

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