RFID Trash Can Management

General Introduction

RFID tags help municipalities and waste management companies optimize their resources and make the data collection process more efficient. Our UHF passive and 2.45GHz active rfid contactless transponders that provide various levels of resistance to water, shock, and temperature variation making the tags suitable for harsh and outdoor environments.

Waste bins which have RFID tags fitted in them are picked up by trucks equipped with RFID readers. These readers record the exact time and place every time a waste bin is emptied.

System Construction


  • It helps track waste collection and container movement, monitors sorting quality, and improves overall efficiencies.
  • Quickens and simplifies the process of billing for services rendered and allows easy implementation of incentive programs.
  • Enables municipalities to evaluate the performance of subcontractors and have an unprecedented control of the waste-disposal process.

Ci-941 UHF Integrated reader

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