RFID Middleware Introduction

General Introduction

RFID middleware is a layer of software created between RFID readers and the enterprise/business applications, it is used to process all information and streams from the RFID readers. The middleware not only manages RFID readers and communicates between these devices and the business applications but also manages, filters, aggregates and makes sense of the data coming from the RFID tags.

In the actual application, the RFID middleware completes the data processing, transmission and parameter management of the RFID readers, monitoring working status of RFID device, manage and process the data flow between the RFID tag and the reader, and provide application program interfaces(APIs) between the RFID devices and the business application. It’s good and fast solution for system integrators who are not familiar with RFID development.


  1. Collect, integrate data
    According application requirement, the middleware is able to set system tag reading interval, reader reconnection time, each reader reading time etc, after configuration collect data from readers connected, and process it and then send it to where it needs to go (applications like warehouse management, internal database and some other destination).

  2. Manage RFID Devices
    The RFID Middleware is able to control the networking and settings of RFID readers (and other similar devices) and provides a simple way to update any changes that need to be made, for example, add/deduct readers, configure antenna ports, connection type etc.

  3. Filter data
    RFID middleware can be used to filter out the RFID tag reads deemed most important and remove redundant or repetitive reads. In some applications, RFID tagged items are read over and over again by the same RFID reader depending on how long the equipment is stagnant in the read field. RFID Middleware can assist by filtering out hundreds of identical reads so that the user only receives the data important to the application, such as a timestamp of when the equipment was placed inside of and removed from the read field. Filtering out excess data can be extremely helpful for users because massive amounts of tag data can slow down networks and fill up databases quickly.

  4. Monitor RFID readers states
    With middleware user can monitor/check reader connection, reading states at any time

  5. Records and log
    User can view the real-time log of the middleware operation, such as the connection status of the reader, the RFID tags information read, or you can close the log.


  • Fullfill most applications requirement
  • Support multiple readers work at the same time
  • Data filter rules configurable
  • Real time collecting and processing mass data
  • Flexible and diverse interface( database, socket, Webservice etc)
  • Friendly operation interface
  • Other customized functions

System construction

Case pictures

Middleware server

Final application software

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