RFID Tracking System For Inmate

System Introduction

RFID Inmate management system take advantage of the active RFID technology to monitor inmates in real time, it combines RFID hardware and system software. RFID technology for inmate management have been used a lot in American, the Netherland, Singapore, Malaysia etc, which is proved to be a very efficient and reliable management technology.

Through the RFID inmate management system, the administrators can monitor inmates in different controlling area real time, which can reduce the rate of inmates making trouble, monitor high-risk inmate secretly, trace and follow up violent accident, to keep safety of administrators and inmates. Besides, system can automatically count the number of on duty policy in designed area and the surrounding, reduce the work if administrators and locate the on duty policy’s location quickly in case of any unexpected events.

The RFID inmate management system can also combination with face recognition system, access control system, video capture system etc, provide high-technology management to prison.

System Architecture

System Functions

  • Each inmate has a wristband active tag with unique ID;
  • Each tag link to inmate’s information, including name, age, sexuality, picture, crime etc;
  • Every gallery, gate or check-in place has a RFID Reader, when inmate pass by, reader record tag information and compare/deal with information in database.
  • Unauthorized access alarm: every monitoring site has access authorization, only authorized people can get in. Once unauthorized one get into the restrict zone, system will trigger alarm and record the unauthorized person’s information, meantime open camera to capture pictures of the alarming area.
  • Reader dismantle alarm: when inmates break reader, system sound alarm and show where the damage is.
  • Guard asking for help alarm: When guard press the help button of his tag, system sound alarm and show where he is.

Ci-RF231 Active RFID Reader

Ci-RF201 Active RFID Tag

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