RFID Textile Management In Hospital

RFID hospital textile management is to install RFID tags to the hospital’s doctors and nurses uniforms, patient uniforms, bedding, and bed sheets. Using RFID desktop, handheld and fixed readers, etc. to automatically identify the intelligent mode of textile registration, inventory, distribution, recycling, status inquiry, product tracking, automatic sorting and other management processes can better solve the hospital’s worries in textile management.

System Main functions

  1. Textile registration: For the uniforms of doctors and nurses to be associated with specific users according to the model number, it is necessary to install RFID tags on the corresponding uniforms and register them in the system under the user’s name;
  2. Textile distribution: For special-purpose uniforms, they need to be sent to each department for use by doctors and nurses. The hospitals can customize a wardrobe with RFID reader. Doctors and nurses can get their own special uniforms by swiping their cards; Normal patient uniforms, bedding, and bed sheets are sent to various departments by special personnel through the identification of RFID tags on textiles;
  3. Textile recycling:Each department can use a collection box equipped with an RFID reader, and the uniforms are automatically identified when they are thrown into the collection box. When the number of clothes received reaches a certain level, a special person is automatically notified to be responsible for recycling the clothes;
  4. Textile washing:There are washing factory personnel to each department to recycle the textiles that need to be washed, and use RFID readers or handheld readers to count and complete the handover;
  5. Other functions:Personnel authorization management, system settings, statistical report query, etc.


The UHF RFID reader is based on Impinj Indy R2000 RFID chip,while maintaining a high reading rate, it realizes fast reading and writing processing of RFID tags. It is widely used in warehouse management, library management, weighing management, logistics sorting, intelligent transportation, access control, anti-counterfeiting, etc.

UHF RFID Handheld Reader

RFID UHF handheld terminal is a high configuration handheld terminal, with optional Zebra 2D barcode, UHF based on sensitive Indy R2000 module. It can be widely used in various RFID systems such as equipment inspection, asset management, medical care, anti-counterfeiting traceability, product quality inspection etc.

UHF RFID Laundry Tag

UHF RFID laundry tag has the characteristics of small size, high temperature tolerance etc. It adopts a unique tag antenna design and has excellent performance. Used in clothing management, textile management, fur management, uniform management etc.

Ci-RI943 8dBi Rugged Integrated UHF RFID Reader

Ci-RI947 Compact Rugged Integrated UHF RFID Reader

Ci-RX6100 UHF Android Portable Reader

Ci-T9013 Flexible UHF RFID Laundry Tag

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