RFID Asset Management

Fixed asset is an important part of enterprise property. Assets exist in various forms, including office desks, chairs, computers, production materials, equipments and valuable instruments etc. Some assets have the characteristics of high value, high mobility and difficult to manage safely. Managing and locating important asset became key challenge for business, with the booming of IoT(Internet of Things), RFID has become a must-have tracking technology to help organizations manage their valuable asset.

Solution function

The RFID asset tracking system uses radio frequency identification technology to establish a one-to-one unique correspondence between the asset and RFID tags, the RFID tags transmit data to RFID readers to realize the locating and tracking of corporate assets, whether they are computers, printers in office, wheelchair, ventilators in hospital, pumping in construction filed or tools in factory etc, the RFID system can provide real-time data for them.

Meanwhile the system monitors the mobility of valuable assets by control the personnel entering and exiting in office area. It will issue alarms for illegally bringing out. With this RFID asset management system, enterprise can establish a set of advanced, standardized and optimized management mechanisms.

Solution components

UHF passive RFID Tags :
affordable choice for most assets, they are passive tags can be small enough to be attached or embedded into other objects. UHF Flexible printable metal tag

Active RFID Tags :
tag with battery inside, they offer longer range and omni-directional reading (100m adjustable), idea for valuable assets in LED and buzzer active RFID Tag

Portable RFID Data terminal:
the RFID reader which reads tags information and transmits the data to asset tracking dashboard where all asset’s data stored, evaluated, and actioned. Android handheld RFID Reader

RFID Asset management software:
a dashboard software which contents assets registration, asset inventory checking, asset management, monitoring, statistics, system management etc. Contact us for more information.

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